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For a world that is safer, cleaner, and fairer

    Non-Animal Protein, Fermented Protein, Cellular Protein, New Ingridients startup acceleration

    Supercharging food scientist teams working on transformative and moonshot endeavors focused on next-gen protein. From Silicon Valley - for the world.


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    The startup acceleration program for food scientists

    We have been there and done that; therefore we made it our mission to put together the right "ingredients" [PxSA] in a hands-on program, and take food scientists from 0 to 10.


    expect 3 most valuable ingredients

    While it’s easier than ever to start a company, access to outcome-oriented methodologies, seasoned mentors, and influential value-added business partners remain unevenly distributed. [PxSA] went the extra mile to provide all three components in a single startup program.

    proteinx-startup-acceleration program




    • Imagine some of the most accomplished Silicon Valley mentors at your fingertips
    • Vetted, Experienced Ag and Food influential industry fellows
    • Trained to mentor frameworks such as Business Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, Creative Traction, Lean Startup, …



    • 4 (+3) months, fully digital, startup acceleration journey which takes food scientists from early validation, through momentum with the goal to get traction and funding.
    • The guided program provides a mix of cross-disciplinary learning modules that range from Bootcamp week, founders talks, workshops and provides access to a database of curated tools and service providers



    ProteinX curates and provides access to program participants to a mission-driven global partner network made of ag and food:

    • corporations 
    • investors
    • retailers
    • universities
    • associations
    • governmental agencies
    • chefs
    • scientists 

    ... and you will never be the same again

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    who QUALIFies

    How do we select what startup fits into our ProteinX Acceleration Programs?


    what makes pxsa unique

    PxSA accelerates the development of seed-stage ventures that are building technology to developed next-gen, non-animal-based food. We purposely provide access to an industry-specific, curated network of mentors, channel partners, customers, and investors. The program is result-driven, measured, and leverages tools that guide teams towards getting traction, customers, and fundraising.



    Hyper Focus

    The more focus, the more value we can add. ProteinX Startup Acceleration [PxSA] focuses on startup teams that are primarily driven by food scientists, working to develop technologies to make animal protein obsolete.

    Decentralized on Purpose

    ProteinX Startup Acceleration [PxSA] program is online first, built to leverage the global most knowledgeable mentors, provide access to food, ag, and retail multinationals, and to create cross country investment syndications rounds.


    We hear you, entrepreneurs! Too many acceleration programs provide - primarily - great talks and theoretical learnings. The [PxSA] program is hands-on, measured, and built to accelerate validation, creating momentum, and getting into traction.

    [ProteinX] Topfloor Ep. #02. Next-Gen Protein

    Tommaso Di Bartolo, founder, and CEO at Awesm Ventures, along with industry fellows, Jinesh Shah, serial entrepreneur, YCombinator-Alum, advisor, and mentor to several Alt-Protein startups, Navneet Deora, Ph.D., food engineer with a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of & IT, host entrepreneurs Joshua Nixon, co-founder and CTO of Prime Roots, and Dror Tamir, Co-Founder & CEO at Hargol. Will they see each other again?

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    two program levels

    The ProteinX Startup Acceleration Curriculum was developed in collaboration with some of Silicon Valley's most experienced entrepreneurs, ivy league faculty members, and seasoned startup mentors, that have dedicated decades to help other entrepreneurs succeed. The Curriculum is the optimized result of lessons learned throughout other non-ag-and-food focused, Silicon Valley based startup acceleration programs such as The Google Launchpad, Draper University, The Alchemist Accelerator, GSVlabs and others.



    [level 1] master 

    Level one of the ProteinX Startup Acceleration program is the MASTER PROGRAM and runs over 4 months. A fully-digital format, which lays the fundaments for startup core-team-members to align expectations towards the startup journey, learn best practices, and be set up for success - the Silicon Valley way.


    [level 2] beyond

    Level two of PxSA is an invite-only program track, exclusively to level one graduated portfolio startups, that have been invited to go beyond. The BEYOND PROGRAM runs over 3 months and focuses on sales, growth hacking, and fundraising. Startups that have accomplished beyond maturity level, can maximize their opportunity.

    2021 startup programs

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    🟢 ProteinX 2021 Programs
    🎯 Master Progr., H2 '21 Batch
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    ⛩ Asia Startups Batch '21
    🌶 Latino Startups Batch '21

    Access some of the most experienced and influential ag & food industry fellows

    Build relationships with corporations and retailers seeking for non-animal food innovation

    Meet other entrepreneurs that are in a similar space, facing similar challenges

    Recruit colleagues for your endeavor directly from our food scientist community

    Increase your visibility as food-innovators within the global ecosystem of ag and food players

    Collaborate with our network partners on validating hypothesis to accelerate learnings

    Ask questions directly to startup mentors across any discipline

    Pick the brain of a fellow food scientist, to help you progress in your research

    Maximize your business opportunity with direct engagements from startup investors


    Are you ready to supercharge your startup the Silicon Valley way?

    As a mission-oriented, niche accelerator, we do not care about quantity but quality. We filter admissions to increase the odds of success. If you too are working on fostering transformative innovation to make non-animal products, we'd be curious to hear from you


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