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For a world that is safer, cleaner, and fairer

    An invite-only community of Ag & Food Scientists, Corporations, Investors, Retailers, Associations



    When partnering means value added


    We believe that technology can make animals obsolete within the food value chain if the Ag & Food ecosystem collaborates innovatively.


    We love the work that we do, and we go the extra mile for our partners to reap the benefits.

    Denis Chereau
    I found it of value to participate in a mission-driven initiative, as part of a curated group of world-class Scientists, Faculty Members, Executives, Chefs, Investors, and Entrepreneurs, to strategically discuss viable, transformative innovation focused on next-gen proteins.
    Denis Chereau
    EO of Improve, Europe’s first research and development platform dedicated to next gen proteins.
    Elaine Simon
    I was invited to be a jury of a vetted startup presentation where I had the pleasure to meet Dan Riegler from Karana and Maija Itkonen from Golden & Green Foods Ltd., and learn about their endeavor, their IP, and their tremendous growth potential.
    Elaine Simon
    Business Development Manager and Innovation at Taylor Farms
    Seth Tibbott
    I enjoyed participating in a startling panel discussion - along with industry fellows Jeremiah Ridenour and Joar Nielsen - and discuss sustainable innovation in next-gen proteins and regenerative agriculture, hosted by Tommaso Di Bartolo.
    Sett Tibbott
    Founder and Chairman of The Tofurky Company and Author of In Search of the Wild Tofurky

    Together - for a sustainable, cleaner, fairer, food system - for everyone

    what we bring to the table

    Leverage our assets, and let us collaborate on the mission to foster technology to make animals obsolete for the food industry.


    A globally curated network of next-gen protein peers

    An organically growing database of 0.5M sustainable protein industry fellows, across 27 regional  ProteinX chapters in the US, Latam, EU and Asia

    • Food Scientists
    • Academia: 
      • Professors
      • Students
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Startup Investors
    • Ag / Food Associations
    • Chefs
    • Farmers
    • Corporate Executives
    • Retailers
    • Government Agencies


    An active, decentralized, invite-only community

    ProteinX is represented across 27 regional chapters around the globe that contribute to fostering and scouting innovation, nominating dedicated new players and educating local communities.

    • USA
      • San Francisco (HQ)
      • Sacramento
      • San Diego
      • Boston
      • Chicago
      • Bentonville
    • Latam
      • Sao Paolo
      • Campinas
      • Goiania
      • Curitiba
      • Lima
      • Bogota
      • Guadalajara
      • Mexico City
    • EU
      • Köln
      • Munich
      • Berlin
      • Milan
      • Paris
      • Zurich
      • Vienna
    • Asia
      • China
      • Southeast Asia
      • India


    Projects with the most innovative food science universities

    ProteinX yearly supports dozens of Universities around the globe that offer academic initiatives in Food Science and Technology

    • UC Berkeley, California
    • Jiangnan University, China
    • University of Wageningen, Netherlands
    • University of Campinas, Brazil
    • Ghent University, Belgium
    • University of Bologna, Italy
    • University of Valencia, Spain
    • King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
    • Technical University Munich, Germany
    • Korea University, South Korea
    • University of the Republic - Uruguay
    • ...


    Thousand Food / Ag Industry Fellows


    Regional Chapters


    Non-Animal Food Startups


    What partners can expect



    Expand into our curated network of like-minded ag & food innovators across the US, LatAm, EU and Asia



    Discover the global latest sustainable protein trends, from some of the most compelling minds



    Drive experiments, develop partnerships, and tap into available ag & food funds


    How we might collaborate

    What is your vision in food science? What are you working on to fuse the physical, digital and biological worlds, and significantly improve how we all coexist, eat and live in the years to come? Curious to join peers with the very same concerns and priorities, and take a step further? What are you working on?




    Let's reverse engineer your vision

    Talk through your objectives with a member of our team and discover how ProteinX can contribute to achieving your goal.

    two home

    Design the journey

    Our partner team will design a ProteinX Partner Journey [PxPJ] around your goals, by leveraging the existing network assets.

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    Allocate a companion at your service

    Your dedicated partner success manager will work with you from beginning to end, ensuring you maximize the partnership.

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    assess opportunities

    Ready, set, go. Collaborate with other Proteinx business partners we provide access to, discover new business opportunities, or be inspired by hours of premium content. 

    LISTEN TO this episode now

    [ProteinX] Virtual Coffee Ep. #01. Next-Gen Proteins

    In a dynamic and insightful discussion moderated by Tommaso Di Bartolo, founder, and CEO at Awesm Ventures, panelists Ron Shigeta, Ph.D., an expert, early investor in alt-proteins, Walt Duflock, SVG venture executive innovation leader, and Joshua Nixon, co-founder and CTO of Prime Roots, highlighted a broad range of next-gen proteins as well as opportunities and challenges ahead for entrepreneurs in the industry.

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