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    Marketing & Communication

    Help us create awareness and spread our mission into new markets


    At ProteinX, a nonprofit foundation based in Silicon Valley, we foster innovation focused on next-gen proteins. In collaboration with Corporations, Governments, and Associations, we provide resources to our partner Universities' food/bio-science labs, to contribute to the discovery of new non-animal proteins.

    We envision the entire food system from a future-back perspective and support game-changers in the discovery of sustainable solutions for the most relevant problems in food science. 

    Why should you consider the possibility of sharing your time and skills to collaborate with such a mission?

    In order to feed more than 10 billion people by 2050, while ending hunger and tackling unhealthy eating habits, humankind will have to rethink and change the food system. Furthermore, it will require collaborative large-scale initiatives across all stakeholders within the entire value chain.

    What is the evidence that can place next-gen proteins as viable solutions for such global concerns?

    We are believers that ensuring an adequate global food supply while sustaining our planet and natural resources is a crucial move towards a better world for all living beings, not just humans.

    By taking a holistic approach, we may foster sustainable transformative innovation, reduce waste and environmental footprint, while also improving health, nutrition, and wellness significantly.

    ProteinX volunteers are mission-oriented professionals that contribute to shaping the future of food. Furthermore, volunteers at the ProteinX Foundation flourish when giving back. They value access to a network of globally curated food scientists and industry fellows in top tier universities and future-proof organizations. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with insightful and hands-on contributions in amazing ways.


    The MarCom Role at ProteinX

    We’re looking for a “mission partner” in Marketing and Communication. This is a remote volunteer role that will demand part-time dedication with a minimum of 3-5 hours per week available for the ProteinX Foundation. An experienced Digital Marketing professional to collaborate with management and support the Operations team with key aspects involving “digital marketing”: branding, awareness, content marketing, newsletters, engagement, social media, and technical marketing. This is an exciting opportunity to dedicate meaningful time to a mission as a trusted advisor to global business teams and to provide solutions and recommendations in the digital marketing space.



    • Providing guidance and influencing the team on projects that will drive leading-edge digital marketing initiatives with an emphasis on integrated communications and activations across social platforms.
    • Support the team and provide guidance on building insights over industry trends, and driving conclusions upon data analysis from various digital marketing platforms.
    • Providing guidance and influencing the team on extracting, conceptualizing and communicating the important patterns of business performance from data that identify important business opportunities.
    • Acts as a reference for young talented global teams by showing and influencing an appreciation for collaboration and dedication to cross-functional marketing initiatives that require a bias towards discovery as well as strategic and thoughtful solutions.
    • In short, we’re looking for a talented, mission-oriented individual that will come and hit the ground running to collaborate with the ProteinX Foundation Management to build to provide vision and leadership for the strategic development of the Foundation’s digital marketing landscape, ensuring the delivery of an excellent, stimulating and innovative, sector leading, unique digital experience of highest-quality for all our audiences.


    The ideal candidate for this volunteer role is someone with a successful track record in Digital Marketing and genuinely identified with purpose-driven, volunteer work. A legit team player and goal-oriented individual willing to engage with the ProteinX Foundation to provide vision and leadership for the strategic development of the Foundation’s digital marketing landscape, ensuring the delivery of an excellent, stimulating and innovative, sector leading, unique digital experience of the highest quality for all our audiences.

    • 7-10 years MarCom experience
    • Ability to influence and guide
    • Analytical and project management skills
    • Tools, concept and data-oriented
    • Outstanding communication and time management skills
    • Passionate about building rapport with cross-functional teams
    • Ability to cope with fast-paced and ambiguous environments



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