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    Food Scientist

    a link between cross-functional groups including Protein Science, Cell Ag, Process Engineers, and Culinary. 


    At ProteinX, a nonprofit foundation based in Silicon Valley, we foster innovation focused on next-gen proteins. In collaboration with Corporations, Governments, and Associations, we provide resources to our partner Universities' food/bio-science labs, to contribute to the discovery of new non-animal proteins.

    We envision the entire food system from a future-back perspective and support game-changers in the discovery of sustainable solutions for the most relevant problems in food science. 

    Why should you consider the possibility of sharing your time and skills to collaborate with such a mission?

    In order to feed more than 10 billion people by 2050, while ending hunger and tackling unhealthy eating habits, humankind will have to rethink and change the food system. Furthermore, it will require collaborative large-scale initiatives across all stakeholders within the entire value chain.

    What is the evidence that can place next-gen proteins as viable solutions for such global concerns?

    We are believers that ensuring an adequate global food supply while sustaining our planet and natural resources is a crucial move towards a better world for all living beings, not just humans.

    By taking a holistic approach, we may foster sustainable transformative innovation, reduce waste and environmental footprint, while also improving health, nutrition, and wellness significantly.

    ProteinX volunteers are mission-oriented professionals that contribute to shaping the future of food. Furthermore, volunteers at the ProteinX Foundation flourish when giving back. They value access to a network of globally curated food scientists and industry fellows in top tier universities and future-proof organizations. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with insightful and hands-on contributions in amazing ways.


    The Human Capital Role at ProteinX

    As a member of our Food Science Team, you will play a critical role in the success of our larger R&D initiatives, acting as a link between cross-functional groups including Protein Science, Cell Ag, Process Engineers, and Culinary. You will be involved in physicochemical property characterization of new ingredients and developing innovative food products using these ingredients.

    You will contribute to implementing assays to characterize functional properties of proprietary ingredients as it relates to food product performance. In addition, you will be engaged in application testing and food formulation development with these ingredients.



    • Play a key role in the product development process from ideation to launch including formulation development, maintenance of stability testing, and transferring technical know-how to engineers supporting scale-up activities
    • Investigate and assess new ingredients and technologies for product improvements
    • Design and execute experiments to systematically characterize functional properties such as but not limited to solubility, gelation, emulsification, rheology, etc. of plant-based or cultured animal protein and their performance in target product applications.
    • Create prototypes with identified protein as part of new product development projects
    • Design, coordinate and conduct sensory studies
    • Conduct troubleshooting and root cause analysis for product maintenance issues
    • Keep systematic and thorough records to support internal clients, external clients, and intellectual property strategy
    • Lead applied research by coordinating workstreams with cross-functional teams of biochemists, bioinformaticians, process engineers, and culinary experts providing status updates, key technical outcomes, and project plans
    • Serve as a technical expert and proactively collaborate with other R&D functions to ensure successful completion of projects
    • Manage multiple projects and adhere to fast timelines
    • Mentor research associates and interns as required
    • Encourage and drive invention


    Education & Experience

    • Ph.D. in Food Science, Biochemistry, Animal Science, Bioengineering, Chemistry or another relevant field with 3 - 5 years of industry or postdoctoral experience
    • Solid background in biochemistry, food microbiology, and food engineering. Experience working with plant, egg, or meat protein preferred
    • Demonstrable experience in experimental design, data analysis and statistical analyses
    • Experience with material characterization such as rheology, microscopy, particle size analysis, etc. is a plus
    Skills & Qualifications
    • Proficiency in food ingredient and/or food formulation development in novel food product categories
    • Skilled in application development using laboratory equipment and pilot plant equipment
    • Aptitude for creative problem solving - thinking out of the box, open to offer new ideas, and willing to continuously learn
    • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal; technical writing expertise, ability to present and communicate information effectively Self-directed, take ownership, and thrives in a collaborative and fast-paced dynamic environment: the ability to work cohesively with cross-functional groups
    • Ability to pass a standard background check

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