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    Congrats 2021 winners in the category of Corporations, Investors, Startups, Academia, Experts

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    The Winners of px logo black white-1 Awards 2021


    ProteinX 2021 Corporate Winner, awarded the company that has doubled down on internal resource allocations to research, develop, and market next-gen, alternative protein products.


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    Venture Champ

    The ProteinX Venture Capital 2021 Winner award recognized a firm that displayed the best investment acumen over the last year defined as speed to take decisions and value-add provided.


    lever vc


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    Top Innovator

    The ProteinX Startup 2021 Winner awarded a Startup team that is working on a promising alternative protein product, representing a unique approach.





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    Genius Brain

    The ProteinX Academia 2021 Winner award recognized an (i) educational institute for a (ii) student-powered research, PhD, or project in alternative-protein with potential beyond academia, with the support of a (iii) faculty member.





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    The ProteinX Thought Leader 2021 Winner award recognized an individual, that has risen to the top of her career while considering her substantial contribution in the field of alternative protein

    Rosie Wardle  - proteinx 2021 symposium


    Co-founder and Partner
    at Synthesis Capital

     Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 6.14.42 AM


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