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For a world that is safer, cleaner, and fairer

    And the 2022 award in the category of Corporations, Investors, Startups, Academia, Experts, Employer goes to ...


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    Let us build together (!!) a sustainable, circular and innovative future in food industry. For a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone. ProteinX invites organizations, companies, cities, nations and citizens around the globe, to contribute shaping future-back a circular Food, Ag and Beverage economy. It is a movement open to everyone – and everyone has a vital role to play.


    Select across nein award types and six categories the nominations you'd like to submit



    Collaborative giant

    This award will recognize a corporation that runs notable open-innovation initiatives to foster next-gen protein products by collaborating with ecosystem players.



    Dedicated Visionaire

    The company that has doubled down on internal resource allocations to research, develop and market a next-gen, alternative protein products.


    ProteinX Award 2022 - corporate

    Venture Champ

    This award will recognize an investor (angel, VC or CVC) who displayed the best investment acumen over the last year-defined as speed to take decision and value-add provided.


    ProteinX Award 2022 - investor

    Top Innovator

    This award will recognize a Startup team that is working on a promising alternative-protein product, representing a unique approach.



    Bootstrap Heros

    The startup that has shown great growth without external funding of any sort (excluding family and friends) and shows sings to potential grow exponentially.


    ProteinX Award 2022 - Startup

    Genius Brain

    This award will recognize an (i) educational institute for a (ii) student-powered research, PhD, or project in alternative-protein with potential beyond academia, with the support of a (iii) faculty member.


    ProteinX Award 2022 - academia


    This award will recognize a person who heads up a project, research, movement, startup, department, company or any other organizations and represents a minority group




    An individual, that has risen to the top of his / her career and his / her contribution in the field of alternative-protein is of substantial importance.


    ProteinX Award 2022 - Startup - thought leader

    Scientists' Best Workplace

    This award will recognize an employer around the globe that is dedicated to the scientist's employee's happiness. A high-trust workplace culture, validated by their employee engagement results.


    ProteinX Award 2022 - workplace

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    And this is how it works

    Nominate potential winners in each category, upvote and encourage others to do so by sharing the nomination, and ultimately join the winners' ceremony live at the proteinX Symposium 2021.

    awards 2022 - steps 1

    Open Nominations

    phase 1

    The nomination process opens on August 16, 2021, whereas anybody can nominate anybody - just as long as they fall within the guidelines of each nomination category. An analyst team reviews chronologically each nomination, its completeness, and relevance to the topic of next-gen protein

    awards 2022 - steps 2

    Public voting

    phase 2

    Once a nomination is accepted, anybody can vote for the participating brand. Public voting is equivalent to one jury vote. This is not a popularity contest, but it's important that we get an indicator from how the community themselves perceive the nominations. Public voting will be counted through May 31, 2022

    awards 2022 - steps 3

    Shortlisting and finalist announcement

    phase 3

    Three finalists will be selected in each category by an extensive national and regional jury which evaluates the nomination based on public votes as a sign of community acceptance, the application quality and relevance of the subject.

    awards 2022 - steps 4

    ProteinX Global Awards 2022 live ceremony

    phase 4

    The ceremony of the 6 winners across nine categories will be announced and awarded live on June 10, 2022. Each winner will present their endeavor in an elevator pitch format life and will receive the award publicly.

    proteinx 2022 symposium



    Attend our fully digital conference

    3 days of fully immersive insights, collaboration, 1:1 networking, roundtables, and startup exhibition. A gathering with the most compelling brains in next-gen protein. Jun. 08-10, 2022.

    • 3 days of fully immersive insights
    • proteinX Awards Ceremony
    • Global first InnoChef Cooking Show
    • Startup exhibition
    • 1:1 networking
    • Experts Roundtables
    • Keynotes and panel discussion

    The 2022 Agenda will be announced soon. Meanwhile:

    checkout the Symposium 2021



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